As you may have heard in the media, the past year's olive harvest in Italy was the worst in decades. It was a double whammy of the olive fly infestation and an excessively wet summer. Many farmers did not bother to harvest and those who did have encountered extremely high labour costs. What does that mean for our farmers, our clients and us? Exponential costs, lower quality and volume at an all time low. This situation is also encouraging all those 'bad behaviours' that honest growers and importers have been working against - the misrepresentation, the mixing and the mislabeling of inferior grade or imported product. It makes it even harder for us to compete in a market which already has its fair share of challenges. We have made the extremely agonizing decision to not bring in product for the 2014-2015 harvest year. It is heartbreaking but we could not remain true to our committment of providing fairly priced, superior quality products that are true to their origin. For the past five years, it has been our extreme pleasure to bring products into Canada from our Italian homeland. Thank you for your years of support. Check back here later this year - we hope to have positive news to share with the 2015 harvest!